Vendo 511


11,200.00 LBS
37.00 (in)
72.00 (in)
35.00 (in)
schools, break-rooms, hospitals
37″W x 35″D x 72″H
700 lbs
300 (30 per column)
500 (50 per column)
MDB Protocol
115 VAC, 60 Hz, 10.0 amps

Vendo 511 soda vendingĀ  machine



Buy the Vendo 511 Soda Vending Machine | Best Prices & Selection

Introduction: Looking to buy a new vending machine? Explore the Vendo 511 soda vending machine for sale. This innovative vending solution offers unparalleled features, including advanced beverage dispensing technology and versatile product capacity. Whether you’re curious about vending machine prices or searching for the best vending machines to own, the Vendo 511 has you covered. Discover the ultimate vending machine business opportunities with features like a credit card reader, remote monitoring, and more.

Key Features:

  1. Advanced Beverage Dispensing Technology and Affordable Vending Machine Price: The Vendo 511 soda vending machine combines advanced technology with an affordable vending machine price. Wondering how much is a vending machine? With the Vendo 511, you get the best value for your investment.
  2. Versatile Product Capacity and Snack Vending Machines: Stock your vending machine with a variety of beverages, including sodas and juices. Our snack vending machines and beverage vending machines cater to diverse customer preferences, ensuring maximum satisfaction and profitability.
  3. User-Friendly Interface and Credit Card Reader for Vending Machine: The Vendo 511 features an intuitive user interface with a vibrant touchscreen display. With easy-to-follow prompts and a built-in credit card reader for vending machine transactions, this machine enhances the vending experience for customers.
  4. Enhanced Security Features and Remote Monitoring: Protect your vending business with robust security features and remote monitoring capabilities. Track inventory levels, monitor sales data, and perform diagnostics remotely, ensuring optimal performance and profitability.

Benefits for Operators:

  • Increased Revenue Potential and Beverage Vending Machines: With its versatile product capacity and advanced features, the Vendo 511 enables operators to expand their beverage offerings and capitalize on a wide range of customer preferences, driving sales and revenue growth.
  • Streamlined Operations and Maximum Profitability: Simplify vending machine management with remote monitoring and management tools. Reduce downtime, optimize stocking strategies, and maximize profitability with real-time insights and data-driven decisions.
  • Enhanced Customer Satisfaction and Snack Vending Machine: Deliver a seamless and enjoyable vending experience with the Vendo 511. From quick and convenient transactions to a diverse selection of beverages, this machine ensures maximum satisfaction and customer loyalty.

Transform your vending business with the Vendo 511 soda vending machine. Combining advanced technology, versatile functionality, and sleek design, this innovative solution offers unparalleled convenience, security, and profitability for operators while delivering a superior vending experience for customers. Invest in the Vendo 511 and take your beverage vending business to new heights.



AS-IS: “WHITE TAG” = Good physical condition, no break-ins or damage beyond normal wear & tear; Complete of all parts, except validator, coin mech, & light bulbs; Refrigerated machines have working compressors, but all machines are otherwise unchecked; No warranty expressed or implied.

CLEAN & WORKING: “ORANGE TAG” = All of the “As-Is” category plus; Cleaned inside and out; existing front and paint; Fully operational; Reconditioned bill validator & coin mech; 30 day replacement parts warranty. Excludes labor and shipping.

RECONDITIONED: “GREEN TAG” = All of the “Clean & Working” plus;Cabinet is sanded and painted. New front to customer specification; Cosmetic upgrades as required; 100% location ready; 90 day replacement parts warranty. Excludes labor and shipping.


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