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Introducing the Versatile Crane National 677 Coffee Vending Machine

Looking for a coffee vending solution that combines convenience, versatility, and cutting-edge technology? Look no further than the Crane National 677 Coffee Vending Machine. With its advanced features and wide range of beverage options, the Crane National 677 is the ultimate choice for businesses seeking to enhance their beverage offerings and delight their customers.

Key Features:

  1. Credit Card Capable: Embrace modern payment methods with the Crane National 677, which comes equipped with credit card capability. Allow your customers to enjoy their favorite beverages with the ease and convenience of cashless transactions.
  2. MDB DEX Compatibility: The Crane National  is MDB DEX compatible, ensuring seamless integration with modern vending machine systems. Enjoy enhanced communication capabilities and streamlined operation for improved efficiency.
  3. Dual Cup Dispensing: With dual cup dispensing options for both 8 and 12oz cups, the Crane National 677 caters to a variety of serving preferences. Whether your customers prefer a quick pick-me-up or a leisurely indulgence, this vending machine has them covered.
  4. Built-in Bean Grinder: Experience the rich aroma and flavor of freshly ground coffee beans with the Crane National 677‘s built-in bean grinder. Enjoy the perfect cup of regular coffee, while decaf options are available in loose grounds for added convenience.
  5. Versatile Beverage Selection: Treat your customers to an array of beverage options with the Crane National 677. From classic coffee blends to international flavors like French vanilla and cappuccino, as well as indulgent hot chocolate and cafe mocha, there’s something to satisfy every taste preference.
  6. Additional Amenities: Enhance the beverage experience with complementary amenities such as cream, sugar, sweet & low, and whipped toppings. Each flavored coffee and hot chocolate product is equipped with its own whipper motor for consistent and delicious results.

The Crane National 677 Coffee Vending Machine is more than just a vending solution – it’s a gateway to premium beverages and unparalleled customer satisfaction. Invest in the Crane National 677 today and elevate your beverage service to new heights. Explore our range of vending machines for sale and kickstart your journey in the vending machine business with confidence.


Additional Features:

  • Freshly brews a premium brand of coffee and specialty beverages from a conveniently located vending machine.
  • Help grow sales with increased demand and higher price points.
  • Includes a wide range of premium offerings.
  • Seattle’s Best Coffee lab/field tested & approved brewing process.
  • Electronically programmed, preset recipes for drink consistency.



Cups (approximate)


Dry Product
       Coffee canister – 14 lbs beans
       Decaf canister – 9.5 lbs beans
       Flavored gourmet coffees – 6 lbs
       Chocolate – 10 lbs
       Freeze dry coffee – 2 lbs
       Sugar – 11 lbs
       Lightener – 4.5 lbs    



AS-IS: “WHITE TAG” = Good physical condition, no break-ins or damage beyond normal wear & tear; Complete of all parts, except validator, coin mech, & light bulbs; Refrigerated machines have working compressors, but all machines are otherwise unchecked; No warranty expressed or implied.

CLEAN & WORKING: “ORANGE TAG” = All of the “As-Is” category plus; Cleaned inside and out; existing front and paint; Fully operational; Reconditioned bill validator & coin mech; 30 day replacement parts warranty. Excludes labor and shipping.

RECONDITIONED: “GREEN TAG” = All of the “Clean & Working” plus;Cabinet is sanded and painted. New front to customer specification; Cosmetic upgrades as required; 100% location ready; 90 day replacement parts warranty. Excludes labor and shipping.


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