Crane National 181 Merchant 6


610.00 LBS
43.60 (in)
72.00 (in)
37.80 (in)

Crane National 181 Merchant 6 vending machine

Crane National 181 Merchant 6


Build volume growth, productivity and customer satisfaction with the distinctly different Merchant Six.  50% more spirals, more capacity and new dynamic user interface are just some of the features that improve consumer experience and drive same location sales. Up to 7 shelves and 12-wide configurations for a variety of product inventory

Looking to buy a new vending machine? Meet the Crane National 181 Merchant Six vending machine, a cutting-edge solution designed to revolutionize your vending business. With its advanced features and user-friendly interface, this state-of-the-art vending machine is set to take your operations to new heights.

Here’s why the Crane National 181 Merchant Six is a game-changer for your business:

Efficient Product Display: The Crane National 181 Merchant Six boasts a sleek design and spacious product display, allowing you to showcase a wide variety of snack vending machines, beverage vending machines, and other vending items. With its eye-catching presentation, it attracts customers and drives sales effortlessly.

Dynamic User Interface: Featuring a user-friendly interface, the Crane National 181 Merchant Six makes vending a breeze for customers. Its intuitive design allows users to browse product options easily, view nutritional information, and make selections with just a few taps, enhancing customer satisfaction and encouraging repeat business.

Product Inventory Configurations: The Crane National 181 Merchant Six offers versatile vending machine configurations, including adjustable shelf height and easy loading shelves. Customize the machine to accommodate your specific product inventory needs, maximizing space utilization and profitability.

Electronic Platform with New Features: Experience cutting-edge technology with the Crane National 181 Merchant Six’s electronic platform, equipped with new features to enhance functionality and performance. From advanced inventory management to seamless payment processing, it streamlines vending operations for maximum efficiency.

SnackCenter Features: Take advantage of the Crane National 181 Merchant Six’s SnackCenter features to optimize product selection and placement. Maximize same-store sales growth by strategically positioning popular snacks and beverages for maximum visibility and sales.

Secure Payment Options: Enhance customer convenience and increase sales with the optional credit card reader for vending machine. Accept payments seamlessly and attract more customers with flexible payment options, including credit/debit cards and mobile payments.

Sustainable Design: With its single-piece cabinet wrapper construction and energy-efficient design, the Crane National 181 Merchant Six is a sustainable choice for environmentally-conscious businesses. Reduce your carbon footprint and operating costs while promoting sustainability.

Experience the future of vending with the Crane National 181 Merchant Six vending machine. Elevate your business, delight your customers, and maximize your profits with this innovative solution. Contact us today to learn more about Crane vending machine for sale and schedule a demonstration!

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  • 6-shelf and 7-shelf configurations
  • Shelf height can be adjusted in ½” increments for ultimate flexibility
  • Easy loading shelves with no latches
  • Single-piece cabinet wrapper construction design is built to last
  • Proven electronic platform with new features—upload/download software and configuration with memory stick, language translation, remote price changes (via Streamware Connect), plus all SnackCenter features and moregraphics to attract customers and drive same-store sales growth


AS-IS: “WHITE TAG” = Good physical condition, no break-ins or damage beyond normal wear & tear; Complete of all parts, except validator, coin mech, & light bulbs; Refrigerated machines have working compressors, but all machines are otherwise unchecked; No warranty expressed or implied.

CLEAN & WORKING: “ORANGE TAG” = All of the “As-Is” category plus; Cleaned inside and out; existing front and paint; Fully operational; Reconditioned bill validator & coin mech; 30 day replacement parts warranty. Excludes labor and shipping.

RECONDITIONED: “GREEN TAG” = All of the “Clean & Working” plus;Cabinet is sanded and painted. New front to customer specification; Cosmetic upgrades as required; 100% location ready; 90 day replacement parts warranty. Excludes labor and shipping.


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Crane National 181 Merchant 6Crane National 181 Merchant 6